e-bike-technologies.de was founded in January 2009. We are one of the leading German/European dealers of selected for e-bike components.

Our field of specialisation is the bespoke manufacture of e-bike components and electrical cables.

Our customers are Individualists who prefer to build their own e-bikes. They have high expectations on the optic, riding behaviour and reliability of their e-bike.

We can help you to realise your vision of a perfect e-bike.

e-bike-technologies.de is part of a worldwide network of enthusiastic specialists.


Reinhard Mueller

Around of the turn of the century i built my first e-bike. The drive unit consisted of a 12 Volts electric brushed motor of an electric lawnmower. Power was applied to the rear wheel by a friction wheel. Control was by On/Off switch.

Altes e-bike mit Reibrollenantrieb   Alter e-bike Reibrollenantrieb

 Old e-bike with friction drive, about 2000

Beginning as a Hobby I started to sell bits and pieces as well as conversion kits for bicycles on my website.

By 2009 there were not all that many components available, so I started with many own products for Crystalyte hub motors and the Cycle Analyst. The Cycle Analyst was CE-certified by me after it successfully passed EMC-tests and I had written a manual in German language.
I work closely together with Justin of GRIN technologies from Canada.

My background is machine-builder with specialisation in Automation applications. For a few years I was engaged in Aviation part manufacture (from C130 to BBJ) as well at Rheinmetall Sondermaschinenbau.

Since the beginning of 2016 I run this webshop fulltime.

My special field are electrical wiring and MMI components (Man Machine Interfaces, components for the interaction between man and machine). I develope my own products and distribute these only via this website. All products offered here are CE-compliant.

If you need a special solution, you can contact me here.



Reinhard Mueller



IPC Zertifikat

IPC certifikate