Working with HIGO molded connector cables often requires you to splice a cable, like for example when making an extension cable from 2 seperate HIGO cable connectors.

Start off by cutting the cable ends to the required length, allowing for an additional 5 mm where the wires overlap.

Here is part 1, showing you how to prepare the cable ends before you join them:


Once the preparation is done and everything is ready, it's time to get busy.

Get your crocolile clamps and solder iron ready, then start with the innermost cable:


Now that the wires are joined, the splice has to be encapsulated to make it water- and dustproof to a high degree.

To do that, cut off a few centimeters of self-welding insulation tape, and then cut this piece into smaller strips. Wrap by gently pulling the tape.

Finish your splice off by gently rolling the still warm joint over a flat surface.