The history of the Cycle Analyst goes back to the year 2006, when the Canadian Justin Lemire-Elmore introduced his new digital display for e-bikes under the name DrainBrain.

In 2008 the Cycle Analyst Version 2.0 appeared, followed by the Cycle Analyst Version 2.1 in 2009.

Whilst the manual for the DrainBrain only contained 5 pages, the Cycle Analyst V2.0 manual already contained 19 pages, and the manual for the V2.1 jumped to 23 pages.

In January 2010 I wrote the first manual for the Cycle Analyst V2.1 in German language.

First German manual for the Cycle Analyst V2


Thereafter appeared the Cycle Analyst V2.2 (2010), the V2.3 (2013) and the last of the V2 Series, the current model Cycle Analyst V2.4 (2016).


In March 2012 Justin introduced the new Cycle Analyst V3 vor, which today is the first choice for a serious e-bike computert. The current manual now contains a whopping 77 pages.

I also wrote a manual for the Cycle Analyst V3 in German language, the current manual for the V3 you find here.


The verification of CE-conformity of the Cycle Analyst V3 was done by me in 2013 here in Germany. This required the making of a Pedelec-Simulator:

Pedelec Simulator to test the Cycle Analyst V3 for CE-conformity (EMC)


The simulator was then connected to the Cycle Analyst in the test room with a special shielded cable.

Shielded connecting cable to control the Cycle Analyst V3 whilst being tested.


Since 2017 we offer 2 special editions of the Cycle Analyst V3 fitted with HIGO connectors, the CA3-HIGO for general use on all e-bikes and the CA3-BBS for Bafang BBS01 BBS02 and BBSHD:

Cycle Analyst V3 CA3-HIGO

Cycle Analyst V3 - Special Edition CA3-HIGO for all e-bikes


This Cycle Analyst tidies up your cabling and is dust- and waterproof to IP65. The CA3-HIGO can even withstand a water jet from all sides as well as brief full submerging in water.


As a complete conversion SET from the original Bafang display to the Cycle Analyst V3 we developed the CA3-BBS:

Cycle Analyst V3 - Special Edition CA3-BBS  for Bafang BBS01 BBS02 and BBSHD motors.


We also have developed further accessories for the Cycle Analyst: