Most e-bike enthusiasts around the world use the Cycle Analyst V3 to tune and monitor their e-bike's performance. Here a picture of the original CA3-DP as it is currently sold by GRIN technologies:

Original Cycle Analyst CA3-DP

>> Cycle Analyst V3 - GRIN original CA3-DP

We take the original Cycle Analyst V3 as a base, but as a first step replace the original JST cable connectors with HIGO cable connectors. This is the CA3-HIGO.

In a second step, we replace the original rear housing with a 3D-printed rear housing. This lets us use up to 10 HIGO panelmount connectors and a custom handlebar quick mount centre clamp for 31.8 mm (or 1 1/4") diameter handlebars. Our newest model CA3-CX (C for Custom and X for 10 in roman numerals).

 NEW! Internal wiring diagram for Cycle Analyst CA3-HIGO and CA3-CX


Cycle Analyst V3


Cycle Analyst CA3-HIGO with HIGO cable connectors

Sales price: 248,00 €
Sales price without tax: 208,40 €
Tax amount: 39,60 €


Cycle Analyst CA3-CX-G lower housing half with handlebar ...

Sales price: 99,00 €
Sales price without tax: 83,19 €
Tax amount: 15,81 €


Cycle Analyst CA3-CX with HIGO panelmount connectors

Sales price: 348,00 €
Sales price without tax: 292,44 €
Tax amount: 55,56 €