Cycle Analyst V3 Special Edition for Bafang BBS01 BBS02 BBSHD motors
Cycle Analyst V3 - Bafang BBS Kompletter Bausatz (complete SET)
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Cycle Analyst V3 for Bafang BBS motor
Cycle Analyst V3 for Bafang BBS motor with HIGO connectors
Cycle Analyst V3 for Bafang BBS with HIGO connectors
Cycle Analyst V3 für Bafang BBS externer Schalter - external switch
Cycle Analyst V3 - Bafang BBS Geschwindigkeitssensor und Magnet (speed sensor and magnet)
Cycle Analyst V3 - Bafang BBS (Shunt with Amass XT90-S and HIGO connectors)
6-poliges HIGO Verlängerungskabel (6-pole HIGO extension cable)
Cycle Analyst V3 - Bafang BBS (PAS and temperature sensor)
Cycle Analyst V3 (choice of clamps GRIN clamp OR stainless steel LVSH)
Cycle Analyst V3 # DE Draufsicht - Abmasse #EN dimensions top view
Cycle Analyst V3 Vorderansicht Abmasse (front view dimensions)
Cycle Analyst V3 Seitenansicht Abmasse (side view dimensions)


With the special edition model CA3-BBS the Cycle Analyst V3 features HIGO connectors that allow the direct connection with the BBS controller. The original thumb- or twist-throttle, and one original brake lever can be directly connected to the CA3-BBS and continued to be used without modifications.

The original display as well as the original wiring harness will no longer be used.


As a ready-to-install complete SET, the CA3-BBS includes:

  • Cycle Analyst V3
  • External main switch
  • Speed sensor with the spoke magnet
  • Shunt with HIGO connectors
  • XT90-S connector pair with anti-spark
  • HIGO-VK6-1000 extension cable
  • PAS – Temp connection cable
  • Temperature sensor


Here a Comparison of the functions between the BBS Original Display and the Cycle Analyst V3 Display as downloadable PDF-file


The Cycle Analyst CA3-HIGO is dust- and waterproof to protection rating IP65:

  • dustproof
  • waterproof against a strong water beam from all directions

A GORE® pressure balancing valve PMF-100600 is inserted into the lower housing case. Additionally, all cables are potted in the lower housing case, the display window is reinforced and the housing halves are sealed with silicon.


The GRIN technologies standard clamp holder is included with the CA3-HIGO.







You are not sure whether you can do the conversion? Why not just have a look into the mounting instructions manual (to download).


Please note:

The Bafang BBSx series controllers have a by Bafang programmed-in start ramp, which should prevent an overload of the controller when starting. This start ramp cannot be eliminated by changing the controller's parameters.

The threshold voltage of the start ramp is 1.1 volts. When falling below this threshold voltage, the ramp-up function becomes active.

What does that mean exactly?


Start - The ramp is ALWAYS active. The motor revs up according to the specifications of the controller. Only when the threshold voltagevis exceeded, the motor is fully responsive.

Shifting gears whilst riding - we assume that you are going 'full throttle', and we further assume that this would correspond to a throttle signal voltage of 3.7 volts. In order to shift, you momentarily release the throttle, shift, and then accelerate again.

Here, the setting of down-ramp of the CA3 is crucial. We assume that the down-ramp of the BBS controller is set to its fastest possible values in order not to override the values of the CA3.

  • Duration of the shift = 1.2 s (1.2 seconds)
  • Down-ramp CA3 = 1.8 V / s (1.8 volts per second)

In 1.2 seconds, the signal voltage of the speed controller drops by 2.16 V (1.2V x 1.8V / s), thus falling from 3.7V to 1.54V. Then the signal voltage rises again because the shifting is complete and you will turn the throttle again

As you can see in this case, the threshold voltage does not fall below of 1.1V, with the result that the motor does not utilise the start ramp and instead responds immediately.


PAS function: The BBSx Original PAS sensor is separated from the Controller and directly connected with the Cycle Analyst V3. The PAS-parameters of the controller will have no function or influence on PAS-behaviour. PAS functions are exclusively controlled by the Cycle Analyst V3.

However, as the PAS sensor only switches the motor on and off, and the CA3 controls the motor via the throttle input, you will have the inbuild controller ramp come into effect every time the throttle signal voltage drops below 1.1V


Speed sensor: Here too the Original BBSx speed sensor is removed. The Cycle Analyst V3 has a speed sensor included, and will take over this function as well.