The focus of our services is the integration of the e-bike components Motor – Controller – User Control Elements – Display. An important role here involves the functioning of the drive system under adverse conditions, in particular the dust- and water resistance of the components.


# Conversion from bicycle to e-bike/pedelec

We do not sell conversion kits, and do not make bicycle to e-bike/pedelec conversions. We can, however, advise you on choosing your system and components, and support you during your conversion. If there are any problems, we can help you with our knowledge and years of experience - your personal 'project coach'.


# Cables and wiring harnesses

We modify your cables and harnesses to your requirements. Too long, too short, incorrect connectors - no problem.


# Components and user control elements

Again, what does not fit is made to fit!
Clean up - and improve the look of your e-bike. We remove unused connection cables from your controller or integrate new ones, such as a connection cable for the Cycle Analyst V3.


# Cycle Analyst V3

the 'brain' of an e-bike control system.
We specialize in the integration and application of the Cycle Analyst V3. Extend the capabilities of your control system by a multiple of functions. For excample: Legalize your e-bike by limiting speed and performance and integrate a PAS Pedaliersensor to meet the statutory requirements for pedelecs.
Or simply optimize the performance of your e-bike.


# Motors and drive systems

We have specialized ourselves on motors and drive systems from

  • Bafang BBS series (mid-engine)
  • Crystalyte (hub motor - Direct drive WITHOUT transmission gears)
  • MAC (hub motor WITH transmission gears)

For these we carry out maintenance, repairs and modifications.


# Manufacturing of parts and components to customer requirements

We also have the necessary equipment, tools, knowledge and experience to manufacture special parts and components made of metal and plastic to your requirements for your project.


# Model making

Many of our customers are model makers, and use our components in the model manufacture of various vehicles, aircraft and watercraft.


# Special machinery

We can also help you in the construction of scientific equipment and robots. Our experience in this field is based on our former activities in the manufacture of special purpose machines for Scientific equipment and applications.


Conclusion: Whether e-bike, pedelec, model or special equipment - we would like to help you. Conception, development, design and construction of prototypes - we accompany you to the successful completion of your project.