Bafang BBS gearsensor bifurcator

Bafang BBS custom made wiring harness
Bafang BBS special cable - gearsensor® Bifurcator
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You have an e-bike or pedelec with a Bafang BBS centre mount motor and want to integrate a gearsensor® ?


Pic.1 - gearsensor®

We can offer you a custom-made a bifurcator cable for the Integration of the gearsensor®.


Important when ordering:

Please name the connector and its cable length X when ordering in the field Notes and special requests at the checkout, for example:

  • BBS gearsensor bifurkator 1-KN-2: HIGO-B3 X=100mm, HIGO-B3 X=600 mm, HIGO-S3 X=100mm

means: 1-KN-2 BBS-gearsensor bifurcator: 1 cable in (HIGO-B3, 100 mm long) - KNot - 2 cables out (1x HIGO-B3, 600 mm long) (1x HIGO-S3, 100 mm long).


Please note:

  • The minimum length X 100 mm
  • the maximum length of X is 1000 mm