6-pole HIGO extension cable
6-pole HIGO extension cable for e-bikes and pedelecs
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Our HIGO extension cables are available in lengths from 200 mm to 2000 mm.
The connection of the two individual cables is made by soldering, and is referred to as knot (KNot, or just KN). With an extension cable, 1 cable goes in - KNot - 1 cable goes out, so it's a 1-KN-1 connection.


When ordering a standard extension cable (the node is in the middle of the compound, that is, L1 = L2) you only need to specify the total length L required in the field Notes and special requests at the checkout.
Example: a 6-pole HIGO extension cable we call HIGO-VK6 (6-pole HIGO extension cable). A required total length of e.g. 1260mm then is a HIGO-VK6-1260. Both parts of the extension cable would then be 630 mm long.


Should the knot NOT be located centrally on the extension cable, specify the individual lengths in the field Notes and special requests at the checkout.
Example: For a 6-pole HIGO extension cable with a total length L = 1260 mm, the knot should be 300 mm from the end of HIGO-B6 connector (the female connector).
This extension cable is then referred to as HIGO-VK6-1260-B6-300.


Connections made with our extension cables are dust- and waterproof to IP67 and can be bend even at the knot with a radius of 32 mm (about 1 1/4").